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Picture of How to make a Lamp with paper and CDs

To make this lamp you will need following material:-

Balloon, Paper, PVA Glue, Water, White Distemper Paint, CDs (Used), Glue, Bulb Holder, Wire, Chain, Pencil, Detail Knife, Scissors.

Step 1: Basic Structure

Take pieces of paper and paste it on the balloon. Use mixture of PVA glue & water for paste. Let it dry. Remove the balloon from the Lamp.

jessyratfink7 months ago
That looks fabulous! And that's a great way to hang it, too :)
Yasir Ishaq (author)  jessyratfink7 months ago
Thanks a lot
AnandM547 months ago
Looks cool one ...!!
Yasir Ishaq (author)  AnandM547 months ago