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How to Make an Andon-Inspired Mini Kumiko Lantern


Today I'm going to show you how to make these mini lanterns that are inspired by Japanese andon lamps. Andon are wood and paper lamps traditionally made for indoor use. I’ve decided to add some kumiko to mine, but andon can be anywhere from basic to complex. I like the challenge of creating something restrained yet detailed like this.

I've made mine with thicker lumber, so in the video you can see I joint and plane mine to thickness. But you can make these lanterns with hardwood from a big box store that is already dimensioned, making those steps unnecessary.

Step 1: Cut the Leg Stock

Picture of Cut the Leg Stock

The first step is to cut strips for the legs of the lantern. I set the table saw fence to the thickness of the material and rip enough for 4 legs. Refer to the plans for specific lengths and widths.

I love the Kumiko patterns you created for these fun mini lanterns! :)
Thanks so much!
Steinzel28 days ago
Very nice!
bikecitywoodworks (author)  Steinzel28 days ago
Thank you!