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Picture of How to Make an Inkle Loom and Weaving a Simple Band
  • "Inkle weaving is a type of warp-faced weaving where the shed is created by manually raising or lowering the warp yarns, some of which are held in place by fixed heddles on a loom known as an inkle loom. Inkle weaving was referred to in Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost." - Wikipedia

Inkle Looms are constructed with wooden framework in which wooden dowels are fixed to carry the warp threads. The position of one of the dowels at the end can be adjusted to alter the tension of the warp threads.

Here, I have made an Inkle loom with Plywood and PVC pipes instead of wooden dowels. I have used a wooden dowel for the end only for adjusting the tension of the threads. I have also demonstrated how to weave a simple band using this loom.

Please go through the instructable to see how to make the inkle loom with PVC pipes.

Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required
  • A piece of Plywood
  • About 5 ft long PVC pipe of 1" outer diameter
  • One wooden dowel. Here I have used a handle from a kitchen utensil (For the adjustable dowel)
  • A Nylon furniture foot pad with screw. This will be used to hold the adjustable dowel with the loom
  • A packet of white epoxy putty used in kitchen and toilets. This type of putty helps to fix PVC pipes with plywood and other material.
This looks like a fun way to weave! Thanks for sharing this :)
antoniraj (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Thank you...