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Picture of How to Make an Oil Candle from a Tile or Rock

Check out this really cool oil candle made from a tile. There are a few methods posted on the Internet that show how to make an oil candle but after much experimenting, I realized that some work better than others. I found this Instructable quite useful getting me started:

First off is candles with too long of a wick in dipped in oil will burn well but once the oil level becomes too low the candle stops working. I read that salting a wick is important in the other Instructable but after some experimenting, I found it made almost no difference. Also I came up with a better wick as well.

I think I came up with a good candle that looks cool and works really well. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Tile or rock
  • Small glass bowls or short glass mason jars with ring bands
  • Sewing Eyelets
  • Glass marbles or natural stones
  • 100% Cotton cloth or
  • Fiberglass cloth or if you can find fiberglass rope
  • 5 minute epoxy
  • Liquid Coconut Oil or other Vegetable Oils
  • Tiny funnels


  • Drill
  • Diamond or carbide drill bits (ebay or Amazon is a the best place to find diamond tile or glass cutting bit at a really inexpensive price) the same size as the sewing eyelets.
  • Glue Gun
Hi, Iv posted below one i made, I'm going to make some more, 1,2 and 3 burner ones, my wife likes them. Only mine are not staying on for more than 5 minuets . Should i soak the wick completely before fitting it through the eye?? Thanks in advance. Brendan
Try something with a quicker tempo than a minuet. 3/4 time is ok but ratchet it up then double beat. :))
Fuels and wicks will absorb moisture from the environment. At some point there is too much absorbed water and burning stops. Picked this up from usingt kerosene heater. I've tried and have same prob making wicks. Unless cheap candle wax is a burn once kind of thing.
Isayyy5 months ago
Will this work with other kind of fuel? Alcohol for instance.
RieOrganize6 months ago
I want to make a long Hanukkah menorah Which requires 9 holes. Is it possible to use one long reservoir for the oil underneath instead of individual bowls or Mason jars? I love this idea!
Don't know what look you are going for but I have seen this done with copper pipe. A larger diameter pipe acts as the tank and runs the length of you project with t fitting space as you want them for the wick placement...
JarkkoM16 months ago
The metal band or gromet. Any source for these online? Is it brass or copper?
I guess just about anything could be used, put please update text with relevant links to sources :)
It often helps, when trying to find similar items, when you know what the "stuff" is actually called!
meraki6 months ago
I think your rock candle is the most beautiful one among the three.
One question: What kind of drill bit did you use to drill the the rock? Do you think that a masonry bit can do the job?
If its slate that's thin it may well crack using hammer action, depending on the thickness and strength really. From the images above i haven't seen any what i call ROCK only tile and slate, and slate will crack with hammer on if its thin.
Now I got it. Thanks for the very clear answer.
You need a diamond tile cutter or a pointed type for slate, if its hard stone or slate use the round tube type. softer stone and slate you can use a regular masonary bit without hammer action.
Thanks, but why without hammer action?
use 5ml Asbestos type solid fuel gasket rope, (Any heating spares shop) a 5m pack only about £4, doesn't burn away, much cheeper than wicks on Amazon.
Brendan Rodgers made it!6 months ago
Really enjoyed making this, my only concern, mine didn't stay lit for long, should i soak the complete wick before threading it through the eye?? also i could only find coconut/veg oil blend, is this the wrong oil?? iv ordered some indoor odourless lamp oil, lets see how that goes.
IMG_3675 2.jpegIMG_3682.png
RuthQ16 months ago
was thinking that you could also engrave a pic or wording onto the tile before you put it all together to make a nice memorial/keepsake for someone who has lost a pet or loved one (which in my case are the same ;-) ) the light would then reflect off of that as well. just an idea i this project. I also wonder if you could add essential/fragrant oils to this e.g. lavender so it could give a nice aroma as well without interfering with the flame??
LisaW2706 months ago
They're really nice, thank you for showing.
rgray86 months ago
Hi. Very nice and informative Instructable. Will definitely try this one out!!! I tried to download your Instructable for future reference and I get a message stating "Sorry, we couldn't find that one!" Note, I do have a premium account... Thanks!!! :-)
brdavis12 rgray86 months ago
I am getting the same error message when I try to download this Instructable. I also have a premium account, so that is not the problem. Any suggestions?
The download-as-PDF feature is not working at the moment, but it is a known issue and the site's engineers are working to fix it! : )
misko136 months ago
This is so beautiful. I love the design.
snorlaxprime6 months ago
Very nice and informative. Thanks for the tips on using the fibre glass cloth as the wick.
What are the stones or marbles used for? I looked and looked but missed what they are being used for thanks
It was in there..."This next step is optional but I partially filled up the bowl with small ornamental rocks, this serves two purposes, one it displaces the amount of oil needed to fill the reservoir and two also looks nice." I might add to these that it would also stabilize the weight of the tile or stone top of the lamp which could be top heavy if bumped or shaken when finished.
provadance6 months ago
I've found that using a guide block helps with diamond drills, so I can drill perpendicular from the start. First I use a regular twist drill on a block of wood; the drill is the same size as the diamond drill to use later. Then I clamp the wood block and the ceramic piece together. The block keeps the diamond drill bit from moving while drilling. Say, I enjoyed this a lot. The idea of using the mason jars with bands was great. Your results are beautiful.
WildB6 months ago
Here's a link for 2" long fiberglass wicks with glass holders already installed. They'll last a long, long time so for the cost, it's not bad at all.
Watergale6 months ago
I can think of several people I want to make this for. I love it!
Grumpy 016 months ago
Hint: Slightly roughen the lip of the bowl or jar lid to aid the epoxy to get a better and more secure grip.
Nice Job !!
rayp15117 months ago
Nice Instructable, and that's a handy tip for starting the hole saw bit.