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Picture of How To Make The Aerowing Paper Airplane

Fast, long range and stealthy, the Aerowing is an aerodynamic "flying wing" paper airplane meant as a lighter, simpler complement to the Omniwing Swift. The Aerowing is designed to be an introductory flying wing for origami aviators to begin with before moving on to larger, more complex types like the Omniwing Swift and Omniwing Zeta.

The Aerowing was developed by myself in Spring 2017 as a replacement for the Turbo OmniStreak and other similar Proto-Omniwing derivatives, as those aircraft have become substantially different than the aircraft they lead into. In addition, the Aerowing's design was also done with the idea of making it comparable in shape to the original Omniwing and Paperang aircraft.

A short design period ensued, with the goal of simplicity leading to completion quickly. Flight testing of the Aerowing showed the aircraft to be stable with good glide characteristics.

TAA USAF Designation: F430-1

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

4 Pieces of 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper

1 Post-It (3 inch by 3 inch)





Wow what a good looking and professional paper airplane!. I wonder if it can be fitted with a motor&battery kit ( ) designed for powering up paper airplanes!

Mounting a motor is something I have sought to do with my flying wings, however, thus far I have not been able to test the concept because I lack such motors.

The Aerowing is likely a good choice for the small single engine motors that are becoming increasingly prolific while the larger Omniwing Zeta is likely better suited for larger motors like PowerUp's twin "FPV" system.

Motorizing my aircraft is something I hope to do in the future; when that may be I am not sure.