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Picture of How to Paint and Finish 3D Printed Props

Hello there!!!

I'm writting this Instructabe to show you how to give the realistic aspect you've ever wanted to your 3D printed props and models. You'll learn about several painting techniques, as well as step by step instructions to simulate different materials in your props, from rusted iron to shining glass.

If you wanna know all this awsome techniques, continue reading this Instructable, and you will became the next Prop Master!

Step 1: Tools and Materials You'll Need

Picture of Tools and Materials You'll Need

Here is a list of materials and tools we will use in this Instrctable.

There are no links or specific brands because the vaste majority of them can be found in every craft store or hardware store. The materials are divided depending in what type of effect they are going to be used in, as well as a "universal list" were some basic materials which can be used in any technique are lised. Due to this, some materials are repeated several times, so you don't need to buy them twice.

Basic tools:

  • Paint brushes (different sises and forms)
  • Crafting knife (as Sharp as posible)
  • Sandpaper with different roughness
  • Sponge
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Paper towel
  • A plate with water

Basic materials:

  • Body filler
  • Spray paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Transparent varnish (glossy or matte)

Specific materials:

Fake rust:

  • Wood glue (or any kind of crafts glue)
  • Fine sand
Old metal:
  • Silver spraypaint
  • Toothpaste
Other materials and tools (optional)
  • Security tape
  • Glow in the dark paint
  • Electric tools
RumpelS6 months ago
Great work. However I would recommend to make the mask a little longer so it covers the chin. It looks strange with the chin being visible below the mask.
the_nebur_workshop (author)  RumpelS6 months ago
Yes, it was a designing problem. It had to be scaled a bit bigger
williamduncan6 months ago
Some nice ideas but could use more specifics on things like glue and filler.
Lorddrake6 months ago
Nice work. What did you use to make the dreads on the predator mask?
the_nebur_workshop (author)  Lorddrake6 months ago
I've used some foam pipe covers who are used to isolate pipes. I don't know its exactly name, but they can be found in almost any big craft store.
mcunquero6 months ago
Llego tarde para carnaval pero seguro que en Halloween triunfo con tus consejos... Enhorabuena, buen trabajo!!!
M.C. Langer6 months ago
Great instructable! I love your Predator mask. I made one in the past (not 3D printed, but with resin and fiberglass), and I can say that yours is AWESOME! You have my vote!
jessyratfink6 months ago
This is a really great guide! Thanks for sharing. :)