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Picture of How to (Re) Make Your Dog's Collar

I love working with leather so imagine my excitement when i realised our dog's collar was almost worn through. What better excuse to make a nice shiny new one rather than the mass produced one he was using.

I decided to reuse the hardware from the existing collar but this process can be just as easily used to make a collar from scratch, you'd just need to buy the buckle and D ring. Make sure you get nice sturdy ones so there is no danger of the collar breaking.

Step 1: You Will Need:

Picture of You Will Need:

You will need


A piece of leather - I'm using some 5-6oz Veg Tan undyed leather

Thread - I'm using some 1mm waxed nylon thread

Dye or Finish - I haven't dyed mine but I have added resoline to the finished collar to protect it.

Gum Tragacanth if you want to burnish the edges (you can also use water)

Contact Cement ( optional but recommended)

Hardware ( if you are remaking an old collar, you can re-use your existing hardware, if you are starting from scratch, you'll need:-

- A buckle

- A "D" ring

Make sure the buckle and D-ring are a suitable size for the collar you want to make and most importantly make sure they are both the same width, mine are about 20 mm which is perfect for a small dog.


A sharp knife to cut the leather to shape

Pricking Irons or punch to make the stitching holes

A punch to make holes for the buckle to fasten

Calipers and / or an awl to mark the leather for cutting and stitching.

2 needles

A lighter to burn the ends of the thread

A hammer ( nylon or hyde) to punch the holes for the stitching

A cutting mat and or some scrap leather for the cutting and punching.

Optionally, an edge beveller and burnisher for the edge

MaraCreates4 months ago
Can I just say your edge beveller is so pretty, and the collar turned out great as well.
serhardt (author)  MaraCreates4 months ago
Thanks :-)