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Picture of How to Tie a Bowline With a Stopper Knot

Welcome to my How to Knot tutorial, I will be showing you how to tie a bowline with a stopper knot. Typically this knot is used for climbing, camping, and sailing. The stopper knot addition is intended to prevent the knot from slipping. This does not slip, maintains its structure without coming loose, does not jam, and can be easily untied. When working with a stiff rope, this loop can easily loosen was the knot cannot seat properly. This is an easy loop to tie, yet it’s extremely effective as it’s strong and stable. It was commonly used by sailers to attach rope to an object, for running rigging, or for hoisting.

Be sure to check out the descriptive video at the end to help for further understand.

Step 1:

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Start by creating a loop.

Insert the working end through the loop.

Wrap the working end around the standing part of the rope and insert it back through the loop.

You will need a longer working end in order to finish up with a stopper knot.

Simply tie an overhand style knot around the rope.

And tighten.

LoganW221 year ago

This and the taught line hitch are the two most important knots you could ever learn! Very nice!

Dbldoc made it!1 year ago

good video!


Very nice first instructable! I remember learning how to tie knots like this in scouts growing up.

How to Knot (author)  tomatoskins1 year ago

Thank you so much, I really appreciate the kind words :)