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Picture of How to Tie a Heaving Line Knot

Welcome to my How to Knot tutorial, I will be showing you how to tie a heaving line knot. This knot can be used in activities such as camping or sailing and even just general usage. This knot is typically used to add weight to the end of a rope for throwing or add bulk.

Be sure to check out the descriptive video at the end to help for further understand.

Step 1:

Start by creating a loop.

Wrap the working end around four times. More can be done depend on how much weight or bulk is desired.

Now feed the working end through the loop.

Tight and dress the knot accordingly.

How to Knot (author) 1 year ago

Wow, you are quite hostile in this community. Looking in your comment history, there is not shortage of your rude behaviour.

who are you reffering to?

How to Knot (author)  Logixal11 months ago

The comment was removed, it was a distasteful reply on my tutorial.

Yes, I call out the imposters. Apparently you are trying to make an ibble with zero knowledge of your subject. Did you ever look up "Monkey's Fist?"...Your production is good but you are completely uninformed. Those who think that your know is a true representaion of the actuall knot will be surprised when they mention it to a real sailor. Try again.

fishhead455 - your use of the word imposter is not valid here.
A quick internet search shows this is a valid type of heaving line knot, as is the monkey's fist. Heaving line knot refers to a family of knots, not just one version. I suspect this type is more likely used by pleasure craft owners than deep sea sailors (small boats, lighter lines, different reasons for heaving a line).

"...your knot..."

Viktor_S1 year ago

I disagree wit fishhead455. This is not a monkey's fist. tmspro is correct.

But I didn't like design of the post. Photo is not sufficient informative. I know some knots and can imagine what to do, but I can't made something using this photo.

mrwonton1 year ago

I use this knot all the time!

Look up, "Monkey's Fist."...Yes, a bit more difficult than three turns around a bight; but try to understand my point...or not.