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Picture of How to Create a Simple Rope Dog Toy

In this instructable, I'll show you how to make a simple rope dog toy using two Matthew Walker knots. Many rope toys you can get at the pet store consist of a rope with two overhand knots in it. The Matthew Walker knot is much more symmetrical and less likely to come untied. With three strand rope, the Matthew Walker knot makes a great stopper knot which prevents the rope from unraveling. I'll be using this knot in other dog toy instructables, so follow me to see more!

Step 1: Get Some Rope

Picture of Get Some Rope

I always use cotton rope for my dog toys. It's all natural and isn't a big deal if your dog swallows pieces of it. I get my rope from both Knot and Rope Supply and Amazon. Knot and Rope Supply sells cotton rope by the foot in a number of different sizes:

I also have ordered spools of rope from Koch on Amazon.

You'll want to get the right size rope for your dog. A 1/2"-3/4" rope would be suitable for a little dog, while 1.5" rope works for very large dogs.

ElementalBaker made it!1 year ago

Thanks for the instructable! I made mine this afternoon, the first knot was a bit tricky, but the second one went much more smoothly. I look forward to making all sorts of rope toys for my pupper now. He has a tendency to chew them up and swallow bits, so the 100% cotton rope is a must. The rope unwound even with the taped edges, but I re twisted it as I looped it through. With a little practice I could see how this would become smoother and better. I got my rope from Frontier Market Solutions on Amazon. It is made in the USA, 100% cotton and chemical/dye free. I look forward to trying the ball and rope toy next!

allwinedesigns (author)  ElementalBaker1 year ago
Awesome, we’ll done! Let me know how the ball and rope toy goes :)
CharlesD79 made it!3 years ago

Ace Approved! I was looking for a way to make rope toys without paying pet store prices. I used 3' of 3/4" rope and an extra overhand knot in the middle to spice it up. Total cost $6 but I could have saved more buying rope in bulk. Still less than a store bought rope toy. Thank you for the article.

WireladyB3 years ago

Well sad news.....after all that, the one lasted about 15 minutes before my dog ripped one of the knots apart at one end...all strings all over including in her teeth!

Good idea, but not for Wire Fox Terriers I guess...

Try it with paracord...

WireladyB3 years ago

It would be helpful to know how much rope (in feet) is needed to make a toy for a medium size dog.

allwinedesigns (author)  WireladyB3 years ago
If you're tying this toy with 3/4" rope, I'd recommend about 2.5 feet of rope. You'll want 8-9 inches per knot and however much more you want between the knots.

Thanks for the quick reply! I have 2 Wire Fox terriers, they are about 20-25 pounds I was thinking maybe the 1 inch rope? So maybe get 3 feet for each toy? or would that be too large?

allwinedesigns (author)  WireladyB3 years ago
Yeah, with 1" you'd want to go a little longer, so 3' might be good. For a 20-25 pound dog, I think 3/4" would suffice. My dog is about 50 pounds and most of her toys are 3/4".

Thanks, I will go with the 3/4 and buy 6 feet to make 2 toys. :)

Got my rope delivered, got through steps 1 & 2, but cannot do the knot itself. Too difficult to make out how it is going around and through the other loops etc. I guess I will have to Google and see if there is an easier demo of the know somewhere else. :(

allwinedesigns (author)  WireladyB3 years ago

I just recorded a video. I hope this helps!

This helped a lot! It was easier to watch it, and being able to "pause" along the way. I completed 2 of them...not as pretty as yours, but I think it will get easier the more I do it!

AlexandraB24 years ago

How many ft. of rope is needed to make this toy? Thanks!

cheddarevan6 years ago
Wow this is awesome. Is it a good idea to spray paint mine?
allwinedesigns (author)  cheddarevan6 years ago
If you're giving it to a dog then I'd say no. I wouldn't want my dog eating paint!