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Picture of How to make a plant hanger out of rope
I'll be showing you how to make a plant hanger out of rope. A quick search on etsy for rope plant hangers yields several macrame plant hangers, which generally focus on hitches and square knots. In this instructable, I'll be showing you how to tie one that is made up of braids and decorative knots such as the Matthew Walker knot and Turk's head knots. Each braid and knot that I'll be tying could be an instructable itself, so I won't be focusing on the specifics of tying each knot. Instead, I'll be taking you through how they are all pieced together.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Rope - I'll be using 1/8" cotton rope. You'll need 120 feet for this plant hanger. I buy it by the spool (1200 feet) at knot and rope supply:

Electrical tape - I'll use this to whip the ends of the rope so they don't unravel as we tie. Electrical tape is flexible and meshes well with the rope.

Thimble - This is a 5/16" thimble. You should be able to pick one of these up at any local hardware store.

1.5" diameter wooden ball - I'll be using this at the very end as the core for the final knot. You can get them at any local craft store. The one I have has a flat bottom, but any ball will do.

That is incredibly fancy knot-work :D
Thanks Penolopy!

Knot impressed!

shazni6 years ago
Beautiful knots..... Lovely work! Saving it in my to list :-). Thanks for sharing :-)
thebakereb6 years ago
This is amazing work I am very impressed. I think that if you did an alternating crown sinnet(#2916 in ashley's book) would look a bit better but still impressive
wrongname6 years ago
very nice indeed and pretty hard work.

i would say you should tie another rope somewhere at the upper side of the pot, otherwise it might fall on a side
allwinedesigns (author)  wrongname6 years ago
You'd be surprised how stable it is! I've never seen one fall out.