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Step 10: The Big Versus Dualism

During this project I started to get deeply interested in hand tools in general, and axes in particular. I've always been an axeman, but sooky's project made it all so much better.

It's one of those questions one might ask 'hand tools versus power tools?' aka 'skills versus shortcuts?'

You know, when I started this project the only axes I had were a big felling axe and a smaller 'bucking' axe. For some reason I stumbled upon other axe types or 'patterns' and I started canoeing another side current.

It brought me in a universe of hundreds of felling patterns, hewing axes, carvers, froes, coopers axes, clog makers axes etc. At the time, nearly every woodworking craft had its own specific axes.

By now, I have almost 20 axes I'm using frequently. A big and two smaller felling axes, a specific root 'miners' axe, three small bucking axes, two carvers, two kitchen axes, one heavy racer, a heavy splitter, a small splitter and three hewing axes, and a bucket full heads waiting a decent restoration.

For every task a specific axe. Most custom, some modded.

Next canoe I'll make will be entirely by hand tools. I won't have the choice anyway since we'll be living off grid, and electricity will be something of a far past.

The use of hand tools is a mindset. Once you bit the baith it'll drag you into a whole new universe.

imamaddog53.4 months ago
This is the most entertaining and well written instructable I have read. I've been a member since 2009 and this is my first comment.