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Step 14: The Twisted Decapitation

Picture of The Twisted Decapitation
shaping 001 (5629).JPG

Most carvers start shaping the log almost directly when it hits the ground. The fresher the better. Given the complexity of mine I followed a different approach. I had to.

I guessed my best shot was to start from an equally shaped cilinder, not a thing with one side a lot lower than the rest from the start.

Given the fact there was a lower zone on the fork side I decided to get the whole at the same level, and thus to remove the top of the cilinder completely.

Set the circular saw level, make two longitudinal cuts and use a few wedges to remove the slab. That's how you're supposed to do it. Nice & quick.

And that's when I dicovered the pure evil of Lebanon cedar. Twisted like a pool.

It took me half a day to remove that crappy slab. In ten pieces, btw. Pure horror.