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Step 18: The Spacial Occupation Motivation

Picture of The Spacial Occupation Motivation

Getting a decent place to work is the very first challenge for bigger projects. It's a project that'll take several months, or years, and having a covered worksite is key. A few years ago I built a kayak - just, a kayak - in our appartment in the south of france. Doing big things in confined spaces is a pain. Often I see craftsmen working in their garage, getting the car, trailer, bikes, barbecue & kids toys outside every time they put their project back on track.

Nerve wracking. You deserve better than that. Think about it. This isn't a geeky man cave. This is a naval work site. This is bloody serious. Sailor pep talk.

If you can't get the log out of the woods, because it's too heavy or you don't have a place to work it, there might be the possibility to carve it 'in situ'. That's what most builders do, btw. Cut, shape, drink & dig on the place & transport the canoe when there're only finishing touches left. Some even build a shelter. With a few ropes and a tarp you can easily build what you need.