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Step 20: The Tantric Transformation

Picture of The Tantric Transformation

There are a few ways to get that symmetry. One of them is by using the 'giant comb of faith'.

It's an investment, that tool, but worth the time. I made mine with steel tubing and a car load of beech dowels. It's heavy, but it works dreamingfully.

How you use it? Clamp it to the already carved side - LEVEL!! - and move the teeth untill they lick the surface. Every one of them.

If you've done this correctly you'll have a prefect copy designed in the comb. Challenge is to transfer this perfectly to the opposite side.

Unclamp, move to the other side and move the comb towards the uncarved surface. Mark where the teeth touch and unclamp.

Start carving/removing material and continue this untill every tooth licks the surface.

You'll repeat this a thousand times. Beers & patience. And some more beers.

Nighttime is right time - for concentration, contrast and inner peace, you know.

Post scriptum. Neighbours are a pain and the police isn't always cooperating.