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Step 23: The Massive Perforation

Picture of The Massive Perforation
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Digging is fun, but 'how do you know where to stop?'

Well, somewhere in history someone came up with the idea to use plugs. Grab a drill, and perforate the entire exterior with a few hundred 8 or 10mm holes. Next you prepare a batajon wooden plugs of about 6cm long, dip them in some glue and hammer them in, flush with the surface - or drill 6cm deep holes, jam those whatever length plugs in & saw them flush.

First method is best. Since the hole is deeper than the length of the plug the last won't come as a surprise for your adze. First you'll arrive at the hole, and then you'll dig slowly towards the plug.

Every time your adze touches the tip of a plug you stop immediately. Gone far enough, go dig somewhere else.