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Step 25: The Conceptual Revisioning Awakening

Picture of The Conceptual Revisioning Awakening

Building sooky wasn't a chain of good moments. It wasn't facebook. It was more like an ultrarun, a stepstoned struggle, a daily problem solving. I remember clearly I wasn't satisfied with the design on previous pictures. At all.

There was something missing. Volume, I guessed. Character. I wanted something that would scare the icebergs off, not a lowtide vessel that wouldn't even be visible on any radar. Somehow it was a canoe, but I felt I even didn't start. All I had done was coloring between a few lines and if there's really, really, one thing that I hate more than everything on earth, it's this.

I hàd to add something.

So I decided to build a bigger bow. And that's where the removed material from previous steps came in.

I added a big piece of cedar on to the bow, drilled a few big holes all the way through and used big wooden plugs & glue to fix it forever.

At least, finally I started doing something inexpected.

Small victories.