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Step 26: The Gritty Orbit Deviation

Picture of The Gritty Orbit Deviation

I said it before, I made the choice of deliberatly running into walls. I chose to make mistakes, some guys only learn that way.

The curious thing is, you only learn a particular decision was a mistake once you're at a certain distance from it.

Wisdom is a creature that feeds on time.

The decision of sanding was one these weird decisions, for example. For some reason I didn't like the raw adze texture in sooky's belly. For some reason I thought a smooth surface would have been better.

That 'reason' was 'classic woodworking'. Conditioning. Role modelism. Society. Box thinking.

Building sooky carved me as a woodworker in a way I didn't expect. I learned to appreciate the real stuff. I learned to care about makers marks. Things don't have to be perfect. Pure is beautiful.

I learned to accept. I learned to be proud of my scars.

But I made it anyway, that mistake, by grabbing a flapping disc of 40 grit and destroying all those marks.

Don't worry, this story will end good.