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Step 27: The Respectful Harvesting Investment

Picture of The Respectful Harvesting Investment

This kind of projects need pretty much wood. There's wood for the canoe, the outrigger, the arms of the outrigger, the tail, the banks, the gunwales, the mast and the paddles.

I didn't know I would need all this since I had no idea where I was going. But know that if you're ever about to try this yourself you'll have to keep your eyes ope when you're in the woods a sunny sunday afternoon.

I chose to work with what I found, local recources. I didn't buy any piece of wood. Cut, hauled & seasoned all by myself. Lebanon for the hull & outrigger, cherry for the tip of the outrigger, elm for the tail, hawthorn for the arms of the outrigger, oak for the banks & gunwales and ash for the mast & paddles. It has become a nice panoply of species.