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Step 29: The Cherry Outrigger Typology

Picture of The Cherry Outrigger Typology

Stability is key in boat building. There's a reason why the Haida people spread their canoes and why kayaks are wide in the middle and tapering towards the bow & stern.

That reason is stability. For example, a few years back I made a kayak with some viny & a plastic barrel. It worked, but it rolled like mounted on bearings.

In this stage my canoe was not any better than that barrel. Because of that fork/fissure I already made a cross on my spreading intentions, so the only other way to get the vessel stable was to add an outrigger to the equation. Simple & effective. I reclaimed that bathroom pole project and decided to convert it into a stabilizer.

It was only a straight pole at that time, all it needed was a small bow that would penetrate the waves just like the rest of the hull.

A leftover of hard cherry, a tenon & mortise lookalike, a dozen of plugs and I had it done. If ever I'll do this again, I'd put more effort in finding a natural shaped log.