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Step 30: The Laborous Software Upgrade

Picture of The Laborous Software Upgrade

From the very start I wanted sooky to be a rowing canoe. So I needed extra software. I had to start carving paddles.

Traditional Haida paddles are made of cedar just like the canoes, but in the old world ash is quite popular, too.

I found a few tutos on the net - proportions are important, made a template and gave it a go on the ash boards I had prepared two years before.

Carving paddles is one of these fun side projects in the whole. Ash is solid, but ash is also incredibly heavy. You'd better carve a few pine or cedar paddles than to put lots of effort in one ash paddle. It takes one hour to make a decent light pine paddle, and two or three hours for an ash one. Timber pine grade is just perfect. Some tar soaking & you're done.