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Step 32: The Incredible Moisture Absorption

Picture of The Incredible Moisture Absorption

Lebanon cedar is a species I probably won't recommend in the future, for a number of reasons I already cited before.

During the building lots of cracks appeared in the hull, showing off its twisted structure and making me sceptic about my future sea projects.

In order to know this wood a bit better I decided to do some science. I took a piece and threw it in the water, outside, for more than a year and let it dry again.

Wet weight: 750grams - dry weight 1.500 grams. Inner texture after sawing: nearly unchanged.

It's heavily porous and soaks up its own weight of water. But it's light and apparently fungus proof, which is why naval builders at the time liked it a lot.

So I thought that if I would be able to seal it entirely it would have a chance anyway.