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Step 36: The Stern Collapsing Anticipation

Picture of The Stern Collapsing Anticipation
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Do you know the feeling of being aware that you're dreaming in your own dream? That you're intentionally doing things since you know you're in a dream anyway?

I remember clearly that day I was in the operation center of an Israelian satellite. It was up to me to land our first moon visitor correctly on the moon. I knew it was just a dream, so guess what I did.

Whatever, inspired by pics of pirates I decided to offer sooky a crow's nest. I decided to build as I was in a dream. So crazy ideas can come thrue.

Principal reason of this decide was structural reinforcement of the stern, in fact. Right in the softwood heart of the fork I carved a rectangular cavity I filled with glue and where I jammed an elm beam in. The beam forced the glue further in the fissure, sealing if on its way. To end I inserted a large oak dowel right through the entire hull and hopefully manage to both sides a bit better together than before.

A small oak plank served as a bank. Fun & functional. I had my crow's nest, and the stern was in better shape.

Small victories.