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Step 42: The Micro Scale Paradox

As I said, I wasn't pleased with sooky's 'finition'.

So when the sun started to climb again I decided to test something completely different.

Carving scales, everywhere!!

I didn't even give it a test. No risk no fun.

And that's when the magic happens.

I read somewhere that the initial finish on traditional Haida canoes was effectively 'rippled'. Those adze marks were not only beautiful, they were also functional. It seems they catched air bubbles while the canoe carved the waves, which improved the canoe's floatability. So instead of limiting the speed because of the higher amount of surface and thus friction, those scales are triggering just the opposite.

I needed them scales! So I grabbed my gouge and spent a few days on sooky's surface again. All over it. Even on the inside.

The result turned out amazing.

Small victories. I repeat.