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Step 44: The Mast Pole Development

Picture of The Mast Pole Development
2019-04-26 17_26_42-Lecteur Windows Media.png

Pragmatic thinking is always been a friend of mine. It's perfectly okay to take a step back, look at what you've done and correct along the way. Or simply start over again.

The initial idea to build sooky wasn't the building itself, it was the crossing of the English/French channel. From the moment sooky's got it's outrigger the use of wind as power source became a potential player in the equation. Why rowing when you can just let yourself drag to the other side?

I don't have any sailing experience, either. Been on a small catamaran once and manage to capsize ten times in 5 days - an absolute record according to the furious instructors. I also knocked another boat out - my 'priority to the east-rule' wasn't yet widely accepted these days, apparently.

So I didn't set the stakes too high, literally. No big sail, just big enough to do some easy cruising.

I cut an acceptable straight ash last year, managed to season it on time and carved a nice profile to it. If there's any wind you bet I'm gonna use it.

If there's not I'll wait a few days more at the harbor of St.-Valéry sur Somme. No worries.