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Step 45: The Equinox Ressurection

Picture of The Equinox Ressurection

First days of spring brought a fresh load of ideas & inspiration. I'd finally found peace about the overall finition, was definitely satisfied about the looks, started to feel something like proud, satisfaction, inner peace, whatever, and ringed the bell for the last stretch. I wanted sooky in the water in the summer. I wanted to test it before I started the second part of the project, preparing the Channel crossing that is. Sailing to Hastings & back.

Needless to repeat that sooky's stern had definitely been my biggest concern of the whole project. If there wasn't that fork in the log I had probably tried to spread the canoe, Haida style, but given the brittleness, twistedness and just the fact it's only 4m long, this attempt would probably have failed.

Never thought I would say this one day, but I've got to admit I'm happy there was this fork thing, now. That fork turned out to be the wall I asked for. Without it the overall satisfaction wouldn't have been the same.

But, unless the fact it was already structurally reinforced and I didn't worry too much about a potential split-down at sea, the awareness of an inviting fissure was more likely to be a potential problem than an advantage.

It had to go.