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Step 46: The Massive Fork Penetration

Picture of The Massive Fork Penetration
2019-04-29 15_45_16-Lecteur Windows Media.png

There were a few ways to get rid of this canyon.

One was to fill it with bicomp resin, which had become incompatible with my philosophy.

One was to stuff it with hemp or cotton and soak this giant pit with pine tar, which was actually a very good idea.

Another was to plug & glue a load of wedges in it before the overall sealing, which was an even better idea. The wedges would penetrate deep into the bark & soft sapwood, take that glue with them and reinforce the whole even more.

So I took this task quite serious and turned sooky's stern into something really artistic. Cut off the excess; sealed it with white glue and blew some saw dust over it.

After that, I glued two layers of linen cloth over the nicely stuffed fissure.

Waaaay much better, no?