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Step 48: The Groovy Remediation

Picture of The Groovy Remediation

To fix the higher ground on sooky's bow I'd been using heavy wooden dowels, and a professional white flexible polymer specially brewed for naval woodworking.

Dirty stuff, however. Another bead in the chain of shame wrapped around a part of this project.

Learning curves. Stepstones. Collateral damage.

Turned out this stuff wàs effective. Even though the hull and this upper structure behaved differently according to changes in air moisture and temperature - same wood, different parts of the tree - the sealing stayed perfect, at first glimpse. Deserved credits.

But it was visible, that horrible white line. It was there. And it would only get worse when the whole got tarred.

So I decided to hide it, at least. Router & dove tail bit - the perfect groove to insert some heavy hemp rope. This rope absorbed quite a lot of tar which made it dilatate, forming a perfect watertight joint between the two wood bodies.

Small victories.