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Step 49: The Hemp Cord Reinforcement

You just can't build or finish a canoe with a least some rope work. In an dream scenario I would have made my own, but since I was running out of time I bought some factory made hemp cord.

I know a few things about plumbing, and there's a reason why hemp strap was widely used at the time to get all sort of connections water tight. So the choice to use hemp cord for more than just connecting and rigging was legit.

First I tarred the whole. Than I rigged the connection between the outrigger and its tip, the connections between outrigger & arms and I payed extra attention to the connections between arms & hull. I used a pole to get tension on fishermen's knots & all kinds of techniques to get the few crucial connections secured. Then I soaked them in tar again and inserted a few wedges here & there to get some more tension.

I should have soaked the cordage in water first to get some benefits of the shrinking, but since the crucial connections were already doweled ànd the inner first (inner) rounds of cord would never be ableto dry, I prefered a dry tar soak.