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Step 50: The Next Episode Organisation

Picture of The Next Episode Organisation

Building sooky was the first part of the journey. But before we'll set off to Hastings - the third episode - there's still a lot of work to do.

Sooky will see water the coming days. Maybe it'll sink immediately, maybe it'll be highly unstable, maybe it'll be impossible to row, maybe all of this was just one big mistake.

Or maybe it'll be surprisingly high on the water, perfectly level and move with the slightest breeze on its maiden voyage.

Needless to say I feel quite confident in the whole. I have to, also. I gave it the best shot I had and even if there might be a few points to works on I'mpretty sure we'll find a way to deploy that sail and enjoy the wind taking us away. Problems exist to be solved. Been there, done that.

So I need to build a sail yet, figure out a decent rigging setup and mod a trailer.

First Manhattan, then Berlin.

It's gonna be an exciting summer.

Kink Jarfold3 months ago
I dove into this Instructable like diving into an epic novel. So well done!