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Step 9: The Endless Noisefull Calibration

Picture of The Endless Noisefull Calibration
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Everything's fine when you're a cute straight pine. But as I said, this one was a pain. You know you're gonna dig it some day, but before you dig it you'll have to shape it, and before you shape it you'll need to discover who's gonna be up and who down, who's gonna be bow and who's gonna be stern, and to know that you'll have to get it straight like a pencil.

So, grab an axe for the heavier work and switch to other tools later.

Like most builders I used a power plane from the very start. I did try a manual plane tho, but discovered the uselessness of that device on this wood. Too green, too twisted. So planing it went. For hours & hours.

For hours. And hours.