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Picture of How to tie a 320 facet globe knot using a 3D printed model
A globe knot is a form of Turk's head knot that can be tied to cover a sphere. The standard way to tie a globe knot is to tie the knot around a cylindrical mandrel, then transfer the knot to a ball that you want to cover. In this instructable I'll show you how to tie a 320 facet globe knot by 3D printing a model of one and directly tying the knot around it.

For great instructions on how to tie many different globe knots using a mandrel I recommend The Globe Knot Cookbook, by Don Burrhus:

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The model of the globe knot can be ordered from my Shapeways shop:
I recommend getting it in the white, strong and flexible material as we'll be sticking pins in it. When I received mine, there was a  lot of white powder still in the middle, so I recommend rinsing it in water to get it out. Then let it dry before you begin tying.

Or, if you have a 3D printer you can print the attached stl file.

You'll also want some T-pins and some kind of small diameter cord. I'll be using lacrosse crosslace which can be ordered online in many different colors:


CementTruck4 years ago

3 words:

Indestructable Paracord Hackeysack.

It'll make you a rich man! Don't forget the little people. ;)