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Picture of IKEA SEKOND Pendant Moon Lamp

This instructables show how to use IKEA SEKOND Cord Set to make a 8 Inches Pendant Moon Lamp.

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation


Any color variation is ok:

White textile:

Red textile:

E27 Light Bulb

IKEA SEKOND cord set rated support max 22W light bulb, white light or warm light depends on your preference. However, since the Moon lamp shade is a closed sphere, unlike other lamp shade, you cannot put on and off the light bulb after screw up the cord set. The only hole of the Moon lamp shade is the screw socket for the cord set. So beware the diameter of light but should not larger than that hole, i.e. 38 mm.

АхмедА5 months ago
Tasneemjahan5 months ago
Very Nice
skymake225 months ago
matt.shepherd5 months ago
did you use PLA or PETG?
audreyobscura5 months ago
This is the best product that IKEA makes, thanks for sharing this, I just favorited it!