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This is a cloud that hangs from the ceiling of a room and plays certain patterns based on the result returned from the internet. It retrieves the weather data from OpenWeatherMaps. It can be controlled manually through a web interface or automatically based on the data received from OpenWeatherMaps.

I have also set it up so that if you ever want to update the software to the cloud (i.e. if any new patterns are added or bug fixes are done) you can update the software over WiFi without having to plug into your computer. Just turn on the cloud and connect to it through the Arduino software. Press the upload button and enter the password and it's done.

There are ten patterns:

  • Clear Clouds
  • Spring Day
  • Sunset
  • Sunrise
  • Cloudy
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Lightning Storm
  • Rainbow Cycles
  • Seizure Mode (this is a joke pattern that was a bug I decided to keep at my friends' suggestions)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools



  • Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 microcontroller
  • Wemos D1 Mini female and male headers
  • Wemos D1 Mini protoboard shield
  • WS2812B RGB LED strip (5 meters of the 60 LED's per meter variant)
  • 3 pin JST connector (1 pair)
  • 2 pin JST connector (2 pairs)
  • XT-60 connector (1 pair)
  • 2.5 x 5.5 mm DC barrel jack
  • 5V 4A wall-wart style power supply
  • 10K resistor
  • pushbutton with led
  • 1000uf 25V polarized capacitor
  • right angle pin headers
  • 4 pin female dupont connector cable
  • 4 pin .96" OLED display for Arduino SPI
  • 2 core LED wire (16 AWG is what I would recommend)


  • White PLA 3D printer filament (either 1.75mm or 3mm depending on the printer you use)
  • White paper lanterns of various sizes
  • Polyester stuffing for pillows
  • Fishing line
  • Eye hooks
  • Cable anchors
  • Zip ties


  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue (a lot of it)
  • Soldering iron
  • 60/40 Lead flux core solder wire
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • 3D Printer