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Picture of IPhone Pocket Speaker

This is a completely wireless, battery-free, eletronic-free passive phone speaker that is literally not much bigger than your cell phone when folded up. I made a wooden passive speaker a couple of years ago for my wife, which she uses quite often, but it's not portable. This one she can throw in her bag and use when she works as a nanny to play music for the kids.

Step 1: Materials and Drawings

Picture of Materials and Drawings

The materials I used included a thin hard plastic garage sale sign, an old denim shirt, two sided tape, duct tape, and a couple of small rare earth magnets.

Start off by cutting the plastic to the given sizes and shapes with an olfa knife on a cutting board.

surajbag94817 days ago
it is a really good and reliable.
This is cool. I'd like to try this with some iPads. My students have those and would like it.
fCauneau23 days ago
What a brilliant idea !! I want to build one ASAP... Thank you !!
I love everything about this! It has a simple design, it looks really finished, and works really well!