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Picture of Illuminati Headdress

Image sketch and designing.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

There are quite a few tools and materials needed for this project:

Materials Needed:

1.Arduino UNO board

2. Case for Arduino

3. Motor Drive Shield L293D

4. 38mm Bipolar Stepper Motor Nema 17

5. 1/8" Acrylic Rods

6. Two-battery holder for AA Batteries

7. Two-way Mirror at least "6 in length

8. two 3.6V AA Batteries

9. "6 Styrofoam Ball

10. Gummed Paper Tape (non reinforced)

11. Gesso

12. Bike Helmet (remove viser)

13. ON/OFF Switch (just need one)

14. Elmer's glue

15. Metallic Luster "Gold Rush"

16. Gold Spray Paint

17. Small Hinges (only need 2)

18. Magnets (only need 4)

19. Wire (not much extra needed)

20. Acrylic paint for painting eyeball

21. Paint tarp for spray paint

22. Newspaper and white tissue paper

Tools Needed:

1. Box Cutter

2. Hot Glue Gun

3. Paintbrushes/ sponges

4. Soldering Kit

5. Arduino Program

6. Mask for when spray painting

7. Ruler

Alex Kov9 months ago
The Freemasons would be jealous of you
Alex in NZ9 months ago
Totally freaky. Thank you for giving the rest of the internet nightmares ;-)
Waldemar Sha9 months ago
Nice Silent Hill cosplay!
Awesome costume. Remember to enter this in next year's Halloween contest when it comes around.