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Picture of Industrial Beams for Kitchen Interior

This is a short how-to on the industrial beams that we made for our kitchen.

We were inspired by the industrial-style lamp posts that we sometimes see on the streets and so we decided to replicate it for the interior as a decor.

For this build you will need:

  • L-bars of appropriate length to fit the width of the room, 4 L-bars per beam
  • Flat bars (steel strips) - plenty to be able to cut many of the small parallelograms
  • Angle grinder
  • Stick welder

Materials are very few and cost is low. I think it is the time that would be the biggest investment for this project given the amount of welding that goes into it.

Step 1: Sketch Your Idea

Picture of Sketch Your Idea

It is always good to at least make a sketch of the idea. It helps to visualize and understand which parts will be needed for the build.

PaulChau5 months ago
This is a really cool idea if you can get your hands on such items. I don't think that there would just be such poles and industrial materials just lying around for you to commandeer for use in your house decorations! Haha!
LenkaDesign (author)  PaulChau5 months ago
Thanks. Depending on where you live, high chances are that these things are available in your hardware store. I get my material from there.
markgrogan10 months ago
That looks awesome! I love how it all got together and how it looks like those mobile reception towers! It really lends a nice industrial look to the room and it's definitely unique!
LenkaDesign (author)  markgrogan10 months ago
Thank you!
Gadisha1 year ago
It turned out nice, I love your kitchen btw!
LenkaDesign (author)  Gadisha1 year ago

Thank you!

We will be posting guide on making another object for our kitchen later.

Mobilyeah1 year ago

Wow, nice job. It's perfect for an industrial style

LenkaDesign (author)  Mobilyeah1 year ago

Thank you!