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Picture of Industrial Sconce Wall Lamp

This Industrial Sconce is made using 1.5” angle iron and scrap oak. It may look somewhat complicated, but this is a beginner level welding project that can be tackled in one or two weekends. This article walks you through making a pair of sconces. Check out my video for more on how I made this lamp.

Step 1: Build the Frames

First you’ll need to cut the angle iron down to size from the frames. The long pieces are 13 inches, and the long pieces are 9 inches.

Cut (4) lengths of angle iron at 13 inches, and (8) at 9 inches. Note that I choose to cut these at 90 degrees on my metal chop saw, and then mark and cut the angles on my bandsaw. This is quicker for me, and I get somewhat more accurate angles this way.

Cut in the angles, and refer to the diagram for correct angle positioning. The 9 inch pieces get 15 degree angles on each end. The 13 inch pieces get a 15 degree and a 60 degree angle. Cut the angles so each piece has an opposing piece. Again refer to the diagram.

First tack weld the underside of the frame. Flip the frame over and run a weld bead on all the joints. Use a flap disc to grind the welds flush.

Bruceaulrich7 months ago
Cool project, Jonny! Thanks for sharing.