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Picture of Instructables Holiday Ornament - Icosahedron

Happy Holidays from all of us at Instructables. To celebrate, let’s do a little papercraft together! Here’s an ornament that’s fun and easy to build, and learn about the beauty of geometry along the way. If you’re feeling the joy this holiday season, build this project with family, friends, or for yourself. Instructables is also running a Holiday Ornament Photo Challenge & Giveaway!

When you post a photo of your ornament papercraft (here on this Instructable as an "I Made It", or on Twitter, or Instagram), we’ll send you an Instructables giveaway pack! Additionally, Instructables staff will feature the best recreations of this papercraft project on our Twitter and Instagram Stories (and tag you, of course).

Here’s how to participate:

  • Create your ornament by following the detailed instructions in this project.
  • Post a photo of your ornament in its polyhedral glory to Instagram and/or Twitter, tagging @instructables and #iblesOrnament. (You’ll have to follow us on each platform so we can DM you.)
  • Alternatively, post your creation as an "I Made It" at the bottom of this project.
  • We must receive submissions and iterations of this project by January 7, 2019 (11:59pm Pacific Time) to be eligible for this offering.

To learn more about Icosahedrons and the other Platonic Solids, check out this Numberphile video:

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
  • Printed templated (regular 8.5x11" or A4 copy paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (glue stick preferred)

Print Options:

  • Color: Full color print with decorative patterns in orange and yellow - ready to go!
  • BW: Black and white print with decorative patterns - color it in!
  • Blank: Black and white print with blank circles - decorate it yourself!

Ornament Dimensions: 2.5inch/6cm complete, using 20 x 1.5"/4cm diameter circles

jessyratfink7 months ago
Hello everyone! I'm going through today and making sure everyone who posted an ornament has received a PM to claim their prize. If you haven't gotten a PM yet to fill out your shipping information, please reply below and I'll make sure you're on the list. :)

Also: prizes have not begun to ship yet, but I'll update here when I see they're starting to go out.

Thanks y'all! <3
Pls I have not gotten mine yet
Hi Jessy! Received our prize today! Kids are really pleased! Very kind of you all! Thanks very much!
Gadisha7 months ago
Huh? Somehow I missed this one... must be the holliday stress. But I like making/ drawing geometric shapes so I guess I will give it a try anyway!
P.s. On the following website there's a lot of free printables;
zakbobdop8 months ago
will I be contacted now?
Elaina M (author)  zakbobdop8 months ago
Hi Zakbobdop! Thank you for participating in out give-away. We are in the process of combining all submissions from Instagram, twitter and "I made it". You should be receiving an email requesting shipping info shortly.
I still haven't gotten an email from you Instructables, do you know when I will? Thanks!
Hi DeadEye200321 and zakbodop! Wanted to let y'all know I just sent the prize claim forms to you - check your PMs and let me know if you run into any issues filling out the form. :)
denahemerson made it!9 months ago
Happy Holidays!
Very nice "bottle holder" ! Happy New Year!
Thanks :)
TenkyQu made it!8 months ago
Lots of fun making this cool ornament!
When will we receive an email about our prize pack? I still haven't gotten anything from Instructables. Thank you!
DeadEye2003218 months ago
When will we receive an email about our prize pack? I still haven't gotten anything from instructables. Thanks for the cooperation!
Elaina M (author)  DeadEye2003218 months ago
Hi Deadeye200321 and AzharRanderee! We are currently combining all submissions from Instagram, Twitter and "I made it". Emails requesting shipping info should be going out shortly ! Thank for your enthusiasm :D
I still haven’t received an email either. Did you get one yet?
HandyMummy made it!8 months ago
- and I made 2 alternatives as well ;-)
I really like the way you flipped the triangles to make a completely different ornament! Nice job :)
Thank you for the nice words. It was a bit difficult to glue the last flaps because I used normal paper - I think it will be easier if printed on thin cardboard ;-)
djinsd made it!8 months ago
Given the pseudo-spherical nature, I knew immediately that I wanted to make a globe. I experimented with paper and a glue-stick, but switched to card stock and double-sided tape which resulted in a more durable and easier-to-assemble ornament. I lightly scored the fold lines with an Exacto, bent the tabs, then pasted the images on the reverse side (printed on label paper).The result is an attractive ornament that will last for years!
DeadEye200321 made it!8 months ago
This is by far the coolest homemade ornament I have ever made, props to Elaina M. for making this!
AndJoeG made it!8 months ago
There was... an attempt. I ran out of both time, and glue sticks, so I used staples. Then I ran out of staples and had to use glue.

Either way, happy holidays!
Melonhead2 made it!8 months ago
My little sis and I made this one together. Thanks for the great craft!
AzharRanderee made it!8 months ago
Really fun to make and easy to follow instructions!
felixcollins8 months ago
I made a post of my ornament but I can't find it under the list of people who made theirs. Please why?
I can see yours. that happened with mine too, but I saw it a few hours after.
salamymom made it!8 months ago
anastasiabirda made it!8 months ago
i made it <3
salamymom made it!8 months ago
It be done.
felixcollins made it!8 months ago
Salamyman made it!8 months ago
I like it. It's really ingenious.
chiappi made it!8 months ago
Not very photogenic, but I enjoyed making it. Thanks!
FabrizioP chiappi8 months ago
Very cute!! Great craft :)
Pavithra Arunkumar made it!8 months ago
I made it! It was a fun activity to do. My daughter enjoyed making it.
felixcollins made it!8 months ago
"l made it"
felixcollins made it!8 months ago
striker12300 made it!8 months ago
Changed some colors. Made 2 different sizes. Turned out pretty good.
sockster made it!8 months ago
I'd never seen an ornament like this before (or at least, I don't think so), so it was fun to see it come alive. (ALIVE, I TELL YOU! Mwah, hah, hah!!!)

BTW, the hanger loop is there - it's dark blue and got "lost" in the black background.
felixcollins made it!8 months ago
Andynko made it!8 months ago
Awesome Instructable, I had a great time making it :-)
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