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Step 3: Design Version 2 - With Full Plans

Picture of Design Version 2 - With Full Plans

So I hopped back on AutoCAD and amended the depth of the half-lap joints. You can see that the slots are now much shallower in the long 'leg' pieces, compared to the short 'cross' pieces. This is because the long leg pieces have to do all the hard work of spanning 480mm from end to end, whereas the short cross pieces only have to span 20mm (under an inch) between legs.

I also adjusted the width of the slots, to give a little more wiggle room.

I cut this out on the laser cutter again, although you could certainly print out plans and cut this on a band saw or scroll saw.

If anyone wants the plans, leave me a note. I'll need to clean up the AutoCAD to a presentable state before publishing.

UPDATE: I've added plans in DXF and PDF formats. The plans are at A1 size, with dimensions marked in mm. The slots are designed at 8.2mm, which fit perfectly for my 9mm plywood (the laser cut ends up closer to 9mm because of the kerf of the cut.) You may need to play with your own laser cutter offset settings to work for your particular machine's tolerances.

njwade4 months ago
Thank you for offering and yes I would love to have a copy of the plan for the Plywood Laptop Riser. I can see this being a very useful item to have if you have limited space and so many other things I can think of.
I use a scroll saw and, for me, would make an excellent project or gift.
Thank you once again.