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Step 6: Works Great!

Picture of Works Great!

I think using this is pretty self explanatory. You can either use it just with a laptop, or with a laptop dock. The keyboard goes under the riser, and all the cords are out of the way at the back.

That's how it looks with my 17" laptop. Works perfectly!

I know some will say this isn't exactly woodworking... but I'll enter it in the woodworking contest anyway. I think the principles are the same, in designing for lap joints, etc. It's just the tools that are different!

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SylviaW374 months ago
This just has to be one of the most brilliant designs I have seen for a long time. I'm trying to think who I can get to make one for me.
terrefirma4 months ago
I like when makers discuss mistakes and changes they made. From the drawing I thought at first that you put wood across the top- edited.
Looks nice though, but I think you still need some hardware.