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Picture of Into the Spider-Verse Spider-man

While watching Into the Spider-Verse I noticed the Peter B Parker Spider-Man had a very similar body type to my son (lean with a big gut). Since he loves Spider-Man, I decided to make him an early Halloween costume based off the movie, but chances are he'll out grow it before next month.

Ended up being a lot more work than I thought it would be as I incorporated some things I've never done before. This was my first time recording most of the process and it ended up taking more time than I imagined. Also, probably should've started working on it before the last week. haha

I attached a time-lapse of the project that reduced 15 hrs of footage to 11 minutes.

Step 1: Find Reference

Picture of Find Reference

Here's where you collect as many images of your character, so you can make your costume as accurately as possible.

Your process photos make it look so simple! That is an amazing costume :D