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Picture of Intrecciato Woven Cardcase

It's an easy version of Intrecciato woven wallet.

I recorded it slowly for following easily. If you need a pattern, please leave your email address on youtube comment. If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment too. Let's start : )

Step 1: Prepare Pattern and Leather

Picture of Prepare Pattern and Leather
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The total of of 8 sheets are enough, 12cm x 10cm

Leather should be skived as thick as 0.7 t

Swboats11 months ago
What is that large metal disc that you're using as a roller? I've never seen one and that would fantastic for my leatherworking as well! Great video!
Artuino1 year ago

nice design!

hahnsatelier (author)  Artuino1 year ago

Thanks! :^)