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Step 3: Assembly

Start by gluing the inner pieces together. I glued them in one at a time, clamped them tight and then proceeded to the next one after the glue dried. The base should be 1" from the bottom. The base is 4 of the 5"x3/4"x3/4" pieces and the 5"x5"x3/4". I have included diagrams of what the lamp should be like when assembled so that you have a better visual reference of where the pieces go. After the inner sections of the base and top are glued add the trim pieces to the bottom and top. These are the 8 larger chamfered pieces (1 1/4"x3/4"x8). Before putting on the more delicate pieces rough sand the assembled frame. If there are any gaps between the pieces use a little bit of wood filler (I found that the cherry colored wood filler works great for walnut) and then sand it flush. Glue the inner chamfered pieces into place about 2 1/4" inches from both the bottom and top. The spacing doesn't need to be exact, it matters more that they are symmetrical and the two cross braces for each side fit into place.