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Picture of Jason Voorhees's Belt

The most detailed instructions for the manufacture of three-layer belt: outer leather, inner leather lining, and a sling for durability and wear resistance.
This belt was made as a gift to a friend who is a fan of Jason Voorhees:)

A friend was delighted :)

Step 1: Prepare the buckle

Picture of Prepare the buckle

Choose a suitable buckle, not paying attention to the picture :)
In our case, Michael Jackson.

Using an awl or any other sharp tool, peel off the picture. Bye Michael!

dbake52064 months ago
very nice!!! Good job. Can you tell me what weight and type of leather you used for the inner and outer belt pieces? thanks
Ivan Beldiagin (author)  dbake52064 months ago
Many thanks)
I've used:
for outer - solid balck chrome-tanned leather about 4mm before splitting and about 1.3mm after splitting
for inner - soft neutral chrome-tanned leather about 1.5mm, but vegetable-tanned could be better
for buckle - vegetable-tanned leather 3mm
Texas_Mike4 months ago
Very Cool - Thanks for going into detail. Seeing how it's done is inspiring to fellow creators. Look forward to seeing more. Good luck in the finals.
Ivan Beldiagin (author)  Texas_Mike4 months ago
Thanks a lot) I hope it's useful) and I will try to win)))
hoozdman4 months ago
so cool, congrats
Ivan Beldiagin (author)  hoozdman4 months ago
Many thanks)
jessyratfink4 months ago
Dang that came out sharp! Looks fantastic :D
Ivan Beldiagin (author)  jessyratfink4 months ago
Thanks a lot, I hope this instructable will be helpful for someone)