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Picture of Jaylah Blaster - Star Trek Beyond

Hi guys,

This is a quick documentation of my Jaylah blaster I made in November for my local comic con, I'll also be doing an instructable for the cosplay so please check it out :)

What I used:

Cardboard tubes - free

Extendable paint roller pole - £1 poundland

Foam - old gym/ camping mat

cables/ wires: left overs but you can get them from any hardware shop

duct tape - £1 poundland

Silver/ black spraypaint - £2 poundland

Gold paint - £3 craft shop

Silver/ yellow/ blue and red nail varnish - already had but again can pick up cheap.

LED lights - £3 Amazon

Body spray cap

Mountboard/ craft card - craft shop

Cardboard - cereal box



hot glue gun

Step 1:

Picture of

I bought the extendable pole for the build but I knew it wouldn't be long enough so i glued a carboard tube to the top to lengthen it. This was a ridgid tube for posting documents but could could use a kitchen role tube if you reinforced it.

I kept refencing back to the source image but I wasn't as bothered about it being screen accurate, just as accurate as I could do the week before the con hahaha.

The button panel I used from grey foam, I used toiler roll tubes cut up and taped on to give the detailing on the pole and the mount board I cut to size and scored open to fit on the end of the blaster as that was more geometric in shape. I put the spray cap on the end of it.

I used some black plastic for the cover of the instrument panel then cut the wires of the LED lights (to be used as detailing later) and glued them in to the foam. I then painted them with nail varnish for the lighting details as I didn't have time to fully wire it. I'm actually very happy with the way it came out as the varnish really popped in colour so the lighting detail wasn't needed so much.

AnkeC5 months ago
Hi, could i ask you how long you made the blaster?
thanx in advance.
Rizzymcrizzle (author)  AnkeC5 months ago
Hi! it was roughly 70cm long :)