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Picture of Jaylah Star Trek Beyond Cosplay
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Hi Guys,

This is a quick step by step for my Jaylah cosplay.

I also made one for the blaster which is a seperate instructable so check it out :)

What I used for it:

Brown, grey and faun suede/ suedette fabric - £12 roughly from my local fabric store

Grey jeans - already owned

Brown heeled boots - already owned

Shoulder pads - £2.50 fabric shop

12v square batteries x 2 £2 online

Batter caps and LED lights £7 Amazon

Grey long sleeve top - £4 Amazon

Foam - gym mat / sleep mat already had

2 large plastic plant ties - £4 homebase

buckles - £2 Craft shop

Leather - £15 Amazon but I had left overs i used

Duct tape / Double sided tape / glue gun / black elastic

Black and silver paint



For the face and hair:

White clip in extension - £6.50 Amazon

Black and white face paint - £5 Amazon

Yellow contact lenses - £10 online

Grey / black/ white make up already had.

Step 1: Step One - Literally Making It Up As I Go Along......

Picture of Step One - Literally Making It Up As I Go Along......

Sooo there was a lot of trial and error in this, I was wanting to get as accurate as possible without spending too much so it isn't screen accurate but it's not far off :)

My cosplay style is very junk build, on a budget, use what I have so this would be fine for a fancy dress or for a decent cosplay for a con that you don't want to spend a fortune on.

I kept refering to the images I found online but there are a few good videos on youtube that people have uploaded of their own makes which were also very helpful, give them a watch too.

I started by hand stitching the piping down the base grey long sleeved top, my sewing machine broke so if you have one this will make life a lot easier haha! I also cut the neck out of it so it was much lower.

I made a few attempted at the base one sided waistcoat top as I needed it fitted and it took a few attempts to get the pattern right for my size. I didn't make a seperate top to go under it for the other side in the faun colour, I just cut the side I needed then pinned it to the base grey top. I left the edges raw as I was hand sewing but I do recommend edging it aswell. I turned the suede fabric over to do the piping finishes on the top edging. I used metal popped to fasten it which I then covered with the grey panelling which you can see in the final images, I used double sided tape for them but velcro would be better, I'll be adapting it to use that for the next outing.

The images show a few of the attempts and assembling the outfit with the jeans, base top and the light belt.