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Picture of Jumbo Cake Costume

For Last year school Children's day function we make Butterfly. For this year Children's day function we plan for cake costume for our girl. She is now near to 3 feet so plan for the cake of height 3 feet. Divide the cake into 3 parts. one feet for each layer. two feet for body and 1 feet for head cap.

Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Corrugated board 28" X 28" Square board - 3Nos. I got it from old Corrugated Box.

2) Corrugated board 12" X 19" Square board- 1Nos. I got it from old Corrugated Box.

3) Thick Paper Board 5 Nos.

4) Fevicol 1Kg.

For Decoration

5) Pink color paper.

6) Pom Pom Balls

7) Color Papers for Sprinkles.

8) Happy birthday Letters

9) Silver coated thermocol Balls.

Tools Required

1) Scale.

2) Scissors.

3) Knife.

4) Thread.