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Picture of Jumo Inspired Wood Desk Lamp

This desk lamp is inspired from the Jumo "Bolide" folding lamp originally made in bakelite. It was designed in the 40's.
A re-edition of this lamp can be seen on the New Jumo site. My version is inspired from this design but is not intended to be a replica. I made it from lime tree (tilia wood) for the base and shade with a "Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi)" (Japanese burned wood technique) for a nice deep black finish.

The arms are made from steel and some walnut wood.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • lime tree wood (I used a block of 12x12x30cm for the head and one block of 8x8x60cm for the base). I used lime tree wood because it has a very nice aspect when charred, it is fairly easy to work with and
  • walnut wood (very little, just for the lower arm)
  • steel 4mm thick I found at the scrap dealer
  • 20cm of 30x20mm rectangle steel tube for the arm attachment to the base and shade
  • 5mmx40mm screws and locknut
  • bulb socket: I used a G9 type of socket, available in Europe as it can handle various type of small low consumption LED bulb
  • Led bulb (I use led to have a low wattage and make sure the lamp is not going to heat the wood shade)
  • wall socket, switch and wire
  • epoxy glue
  • common wood glue (PVA)
  • linseed oil


  • angle grinder with cutting grinding and sanding disks
  • router with straight and round bit
  • planner (I have one so I used it but you can probably manage to use a router)
  • lathe and gouge
  • band saw
  • circular saw
  • chisel
  • gas torch or weed burner
MaraCreates3 months ago
Beautiful work!
lmu34 (author)  MaraCreates3 months ago
Thank you :)
Mimikry4 months ago
well, that is a great design!
lmu34 (author)  Mimikry4 months ago
misko134 months ago
Great low-cost replica! I even like this one more because the walnut add on makes it evry elegant.
lmu34 (author)  misko134 months ago
Astjaeger4 months ago
better then the original!
lmu34 (author)  Astjaeger4 months ago
Nice work! You got my vote!
lmu34 (author)  danthemakerman4 months ago
Jimichan4 months ago
I love this! The design of the arms looks like an old fashioned straight razor. Was that intentional?
lmu34 (author)  Jimichan4 months ago
No it was not intentional. I just thought walnut and steel would be a good match and it reminded me of some folding knife, but right a straight razor!