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Step 10: Final assembly

Picture of Final assembly

Arms to base and head attachment

The arms connectors are screwed in the base and the shade. In order to have a perfect fit when the lamp is folded I used a router to have a flat surface (the shade is rounded inside and it would be challenging to attach the arm connector). The top connector is screwed to a small wood insert and this piece of wood is glued with epoxy (which does not requires pressure) on the head of the lamp when in folded position. Please see the quick drawing I did for a better explanation. This way we have a perfect position when closed and the head can still be disassembled from the arm (using the screws).

Power cord and on/off switch

A power cord with on/off switch is inserted trough the hole on the back of the base and connected to the arm cable. This connection will be bellow the lower end of the arm, I used Wago lever type of connectors which are easy to use and offer good protection.